UAE- a safe and effective non-surgical treatment for adenomyosis


UAE- a safe and effective non-surgical treatment for adenomyosis
January 2018

Dr Liang and Dr Brown’s clinical research paper is published on-line in ANZJOG. The case series of 117 women treated with uterine artery embolisation (UAE) is the largest in English literature.  About 90 % success rate was achieved. Read more……..

The study was on 117 women with adenomyosis diagnosed on MRI. These women were suffering from debilitating heavy menstrual bleeding and/ or severe period pain. All had failed more conservative medical treatments. In the past, hysterectomy would have been the only option to many of these women. The study has shown over 90% of women suffering from adenomyosis can be spared of hysterectomy by having UAE, which is a minimally invasive angiographic procedure that can be done under local anaesthetic. The recovery is one night hospital stay and 1week return to normal activities.

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